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Maintenance of Jaw Crusher In Winter

2019-10-03 21:53:11

According to operation record of jaw crusher plant in Russia,here we make series solution to resist low and freezing temperature working condition of crusher plant with jaw and impact crusher,on starting of lubrication and crushing parts,crusher machine low temperature steel strength and steel characters.
Crusher requires well lubrication when working, low temperature will slow lubrication oil and make more friction that will short main shaft and gear service life,in daily maintenance,the operator remains that keep clean lubrication and replace at a well schedule,with proper maintenance,crusher will work well and have a long service life.
On physically crusher low temperature resist,the whole crusher structure fitting condition and steel strength,as reliable mining crusher manufacture,Sunstone Machinery chose Shanghai Bao Steel Group as long team steel supplier,that make sure customer will get best quality from China.With strict QC system.
On daily operation and maintenance, we offer customer with series staff training in mining crusher and mining plant.