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Potash feldspar grinding line

Potash feldspar (orthoclase) is a kind of aluminosilicate mineral. Its color is mainly flesh red, yellow white, white, gray, etc. it can be used as potash fertilizer, ceramics, glass, fireproof calcium silicate board, etc., with high potassium content and large reserves.

Potash feldspar grinding line
The equipment used in the production line of K-feldspar mill usually includes jaw crusher, Raymond Mill (main machine part), electromagnetic vibration feeder, bucket elevator, powder concentrator, fan, pipeline device, etc., of which jawbone and Raymond mill are the main components.

Potash feldspar grinding production line process:
First, the large potassium feldspar is roughly crushed by jaw crusher, and lifted to the bin by bucket elevator, and then evenly and quantitatively fed by electromagnetic vibration feeder into Raymond mill for grinding; at this time, the customer can adjust the reasonable fineness according to the needs, and then it will enter into the powder concentrator for screening under the action of blower, and the unqualified materials will return to the main machine for grinding again, full The materials with sufficient conditions will enter the finished product storage bin through the pipeline device, and finally collect and pack uniformly.

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